From Headers [ (Pinger circuit #1)]


Default From: Headers

The default From headers of all remailers when sending e-mail. Middleman remailers are not listed here.

nickDisclaimerFrom Linetype
austria   "Anonymous Remailer (austria)" <> cpunk-dsa, mix
dizum   Nomen Nescio <> cpunk-dsa, cpunk-rsa, mix
fotonl1   Not Available cpunk-clear
fotonl1   Anonymous <> cpunk-dsa, mix
frell   Fritz Wuehler <> cpunk-dsa, mix
frell2   Not Available mix
haph   Anonymous <> cpunk-dsa
haph   Not Available mix
hsub   Anonymous <> cpunk-dsa
kreti   Anonymous <> mix
paranoia   Anonymous <> cpunk-dsa, mix

User Supplied From: Headers

If a message sent with a user supplied From header differs from one without, the remailer is listed here. The difference can either be an additional disclaimer, actually allowing (partial) From headers, etc.

nickDisclaimerFrom Linetype
dizum   Echolot Pinger <> cpunk-dsa, cpunk-rsa, mix
frell   Echolot Pinger <> cpunk-dsa, mix
hsub   Echolot Pinger <> cpunk-dsa

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Last update: Tue Dec 11 15:00:13 2018.