Remailer Reliability Stats [ (Pinger circuit #2)]

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Cypherpunk (Type I) Mixmaster (Type II) Combined
v1 (rsa) (dsa) (cleartext) v1 V2
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Cypherpunk Remailers (RSA only)

This is an automatically generated list of remailer reliability statistics. Please see the Legend below for interpretative data.

Broken type-I remailer chains:
(dizum paranoia)
(dizum senshi)
(frell paranoia)
(frell senshi)
(hsub senshi)
(ipsum senshi)
(micromix senshi)
(paranoia senshi)
(senshi dizum)
(senshi frell)
(senshi hsub)
(senshi ipsum)
(senshi micromix)
(senshi paranoia)

Broken type-II remailer chains:
(frell tncmm)
(frell2 tncmm)
(tncmm frell)
(tncmm frell2)

Last update: Fri 07 Oct 2022 15:30:00 GMT
remailer  email address                        history  latency  uptime


History: The result of test messages sent in the last 12 days.

?No test message sent
(space)Response not received
#Response in less than 5 minutes
*Response in less than 1 hour
+Response in less than 4 hours
-Response in less than 24 hours
.Response in less than 2 days
_Response in more than 2 days

Latency: The average response time of the remailer.

Uptime: The fraction of responses received from tests sent in the last 12 days.

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Last update: Fri Oct 7 15:30:00 2022.