Remailer Reliability Stats [ (Pinger circuit #2)]

This pinger automatically collects and generates remailer reliability statistics for both Type I (Cypherpunk) and Type II (Mixmaster) remailers. It also offers current keyrings and each remailer's reply to remailer-xxx queries for your convenience.

Available Stats

Out of the 6 Cypherpunk and 9 Mixmaster remailers (11 unique addresses) on these stats there are 5 CPunks and 7 Mixes over 98.0% in terms of overall reliability.


Cypherpunk (Type I) Mixmaster (Type II) Combined
rlist.html (rsa, dsa, unencrypted) mlist.html clist2.html
rlist2.html (rsa, dsa, unencrypted) mlist2.html
rlist2-post.html mlist2-post.html

Plain Text

Cypherpunk (Type I) Mixmaster (Type II) Combined
rlist.txt (rsa, dsa, unencrypted) mlist.txt clist2.txt
rlist2.txt (rsa, dsa, unencrypted) mlist2.txt
rlist2-post.txt mlist2-post.txt

Available Keyrings

Cypherpunk (Type I) Mixmaster (Type II)
RSA only pubring.mix
RSA and DSA type2.list


Find the Thesaurus index in thesaurus/.

From Header Lines

A summary of From Headers each remailer uses has also been compiled. It also lists which remailers allow setting the From: Header.

Exit IP addresses

A summary of IP addresses each remailer uses has also been compiled.
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